Better than Google? What is Blekko – and is it any good?

Sun Microsystems played an important role in the development of both Google and Blekko. In 1998, even before the name “Google Inc.” had been incorporated, Sun Microsystems co-founder Andy Bechtolsheim issued a $100,000 check as funding. On the other hand, Blekko co-founder Rich Skrenta worked with Sun Microsystems in the late 1990s.

Since that momentous year, Google has progressed as the premier search engine on the Internet. It has also diversified its products by introducing social networking services and web-based productivity tools. Through these crucial moves, the company emerged into a billion-dollar multinational corporation that is set to conquer all competition.

The Beginning
While Google is reaping the benefits of its innovative products and ingenious marketing strategy, Richard Skrenta is accumulating knowledge and experience by creating technology companies, as well as working with other industry leaders. This background led to the founding of Blekko, a new web search engine introduced on November 2010. It poses to challenge Google head-on by promising to offer more pleasant search results than those provided by Google’s search engine service.

The budding search engine’s simple, but controversial objective is to eliminate irrelevant links from search results to make them more worthwhile for Internet users. Search results will be pre-screened by professional editors. Those pages created by content farms will be filtered, and only credible results will be displayed. It is a policing method wherein the slashtags filters the group of search results, having only those that closely match the quality of the keyword or phrase. Moreover, those search categories with filtered results will also be instantly incorporated with slashtags.

Policing feature
Blekko narrows down its highly searched keywords to 100,000 and aims to come up with a list of 50 of the most relevant and useful sites. The search engine controls the searches for the user’s benefit, but the latter has the freedom to decide if a certain site is spam. This is possible by viewing the IP address the site is using through added software in the search engine.

The search engine’s homepage is as simple as Google’s, but it emphasises slashing out spam, content farms and various malware. These are the things that make searches chaotic and threaten user experience once a contaminated site is opened. For conservatives, this type of editing could be a much awaited feature of a search engine. On the other hand, more adventurous Internet users would likely prefer a more varied outcome from their searches. The company wants to poster an image and culture of being friendly to users, but, behind the scenes, they are tough on unscrupulous sites that want to take unfair advantage of the web.
Incoming Billions

Ultimately, it is business as usual for Blekko. The search engine is eyeing to replicate Google’s earnings through marketing ads with slashtags and search results as the basis. This could not be far from being possible with the innovation it introduced. For Internet users, another exciting ride has to be tried out. While Google thrived in chaos and diversity, Blekko wants to put everything in order before selling their goods.

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